He dreamed of flying ever since he began walking


His feet were on the ground, but his eyes were fixed on the sky.

He set foot on a path that others viewed as a kind of entertainment. But for him, flying was everything.

From the very beginning, he was different from his peers.

He would constantly think about how he could help people

overcome restrictions and achieve their goals;


he took a different road.

There are no seven wonders of the world in the eyes of a child.

"There Are Seven Million"


Before Ali Asgari Lemjiri was born, his father was a paraglider pilot.

His childhood interest, dream & hobby was flying with paragliding.

Due to Ali's low weight,

It was not possible for him to learn this sport.



"When he was 6 years old, started practicing

Rock Climbing"


When he was 6 years old, He started practicing rock climbing serious

so that he could experience the thrill & joy of flying.

"With the support of his father"




"When he was 8 years old, started the sport of Model Airplane Piloting"


He was barely 10 when he held the control of a remote control plane that was three times his height.

A plane that would send shudders down the spine whenever it took off.

No one could believe that a young boy was in control of the plane.


But Ali was a boy of the impossible

the impossible that strengthens the heart & generates more determination.



"Ali Asgari Lemjiri is a boy whose passion to fly

is more than his fear of failure"


No downfall would cause him to bat an eye or make him sad.

Each downfall would only strengthen his motivation to achieve his goal.






He has flown over all restrictions and has achieved a place which is unique to him only.


Read a 10-year-old's incredible ideas about Model Airplane Piloting.







"Motivating teens & teenagers who like to make the

impossible possible

& also encouraging parents to have a different view of their

children's abilities"


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