"A Talented Iranian Teenager Who Controls Two RC Aircrafts At The Same Time, One With His Hands And Other With His Feet"

A dream that began at 8 and whose destination was not a land we know but it reached the sky and cradled the cloud in many places.

This is the story of Ali Asgari Lemjiri;

A teenager pilot who controls the aircraft with his feet, a function that we can't do with our hands.


This Iranian teenager person, called SKY BOY, could record

Most Remote-Controlled (RC) Fixed-Wing Aircrafts Manually Flown Simultaneously.

It means he could individually control the highest number of aircrafts that are simultaneously two aircrafts.

He relied on his feet to control one aircraft and on his hands to control another one.

Ali Asgari Lemjiri was not an ordinary person from childhood, and always thought how to help the people overcome the limitations and meet their goals;

so, he followed his father as a paraglider pilot.

But he couldn't do this sport due to low weight and seriously started the rock climbing from 6 but followed another field of sport due to tendency of the heights.


Supported by his father, Ali Asgari Lemjiri tried Model Airplane Piloting since 8.

He could remotely control an aircraft three times bigger than his height in 10 years old.


Nobody believed that a child of this age can control an aircraft that was very horrible during takeoff.



Ali Asgari Lemjiri is the body of impossibilities and nothing can avoid him from fulfilling his goals.

He faced many problems and failures in trying to fly with these aircrafts but each failure increased only his tendency to the further success.

His intention of flight is the more than his fear of failure,

and his perseverance and hardworking moved him to break the records.


In addition to the successes in flying the model aircrafts,

"Ali Asgari Lemjiri established an organization for the purpose of motivation in the teens and teenagers persons who like to make the impossible possible and encourage the parents to have different view to their children's abilities".


In addition, "Ali Asgari Lemjiri's goal is  to introduce a model aircraft as a new sport for the members of the disabled community and previously indicated the potential of this sport as an inspiring activity for the people with physical disability".


Ali Asgari Lemjiri's talents are not limited only to the flight but he is skillful in playing music with hand and also controlling aircraft with feet fingers.


Ali Asgari Lemjiri's unique technology and anti-shock AFM Indoor (Indoor 3D) aircraft can provide new standards in the world of model aircrafts.

He says: it is nice when I dance the aircraft with music; I can't express this sense.

"Ali Asgari Lemjiri" adds: I can hardly believe my success by GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS, this was a great challenge for my potential by which I could reach the world and confirm that anything is possible by tendency, hardworking and correct way of thinking.

I hope my achievement stimulate the great dreams of the teenager persons and be an enthusiasm for them to follow their passion.


"Motivating teens & teenagers who like to make the

impossible possible

& also encouraging parents to have a different view of their

children's abilities"



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